Businesses nowadays are digitally savvy. Beautiful graphics & sleek websites are a given. But what about the offline, physical space?

Events, tradeshows and pop-ups often contain generic booths, stifling engagement and suppressing interest. Structures and displays are often discarded after events, which is costly for the environment and for companies. 

StandCraft has a unique contribution to make. We believe in impactful design; well-built, cost-effective structures supported by our architectural background & supplemented by the smooth integration of technology. 

We are actively developing customisable design templates, using advanced manufacturing technologies to rapidly create modular, reusable structures. We transform spaces into places -- engaging the senses in ways which form emotional connections with brands.

Our goal is to build an online platform where brands and marketers can browse, customise and order our unique installations, displays & stands with ease. We aim to innovate & regenerate the world of space design. 

Meet The Founders

Galven Lee

Co-Founder and Business Lead

Galven directs all commercial activities in StandCraft. He is a historian by training and a published author with a gift for storytelling.


Prior to StandCraft, he spent 3 years working in a Singaporean telco building, managing and marketing a travel app business.

Shirley Lee

Co-Founder and Design Lead

Shirley is the 'design brains' behind StandCraft. Trained at The Bartlett, the No. 2 school in the world for architecture, she excels in both design and making.

Prior to StandCraft, she worked at Rick Mather Architects in London, working on several projects, including the design of Lancaster University spine.